Kevin Rudd shuts refugee door

Matthew Franklin & Pafe Tayor; 10/4/10 (2 Items)

Kevin Rudd has frozen asylum applications from Afghans and Sri Lankans after receiving advice that people-smugglers were preparing to launch a new wave of vessels for northern Australia. Sources confirmed yesterday that the decision, announced yesterday, came partly in response to new intelligence that people-smugglers were forming “new ventures” overseas expected to boost the boat traffic.While the government presented the move as a well-considered response to improving security circumstances in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, the opposition said it was proof the government’s previous approach had encouraged people-smugglers.

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So much for hopes of a more humane approach
April 10, 2010
I want to scream and shout at the Minister for Immigration, Chris Evans. I am furious – I voted for your party because I thought it would deliver a more humane system of dealing with refugees. Your system of refusing to process refugees from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka is simply a vote-catching exercise along the lines of the ”children overboard” propaganda. You should be ashamed, Mr Evans. Your claim that these people are seeking asylum here “merely because things are tough” where they come from is disgraceful and discredits our nation. Let’s look at how tough things are. Infant mortality in Australia is 4.4 per 1000 live births; in Afghanistan it is 157 per 1000 live births. Life expectancy here is 81.3 years; in Afghanistan it is 44.2 years. Doing it tough to me means the dishwasher isn’t working. I don’t know what it means to Mr Evans. Maureen Chuck, Cabarita.
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