Jordan’s King to Haaretz: Nuclear transparency applies to Israel as well

Akiva Eldar; 10/10/09

Since I last saw him, a bit more than two years ago, streaks of gray have appeared in the hair of the 48-year-old Jordanian king. Fifteen years ago, on October 26, 1994, Abdullah II’s father and Yitzhak Rabin co-signed a peace treaty, and King Hussein spoke of the fine period the neighborhood was about to enter. Today, Jerusalem, the apple of the eye of the Hashemite dynasty (the peace agreement assigns Jordan a “role” in the eastern part of the city), is about to go up in flames; Mahmoud Abbas, the man who was supposed to extricate Jordan and Egypt from the un-splendid isolation of Arab recognition of Israel, played the Goldstone report like a rookie; Hamas is celebrating Israel’s release of 20 female Palestinian prisoners; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is breaking records in the opinion polls; and President Barack Obama is promising more than he is delivering. For a long while, the “Jordan is Palestine” formula – of which many Israelis, notably Ariel Sharon, were fond – rattled the royal house. In recent years, only right-wing Israeli fringes continue to espouse the idea.

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