Jesus, it’s changeable


Penny Wong describes Tony Abbott as “irresponsible and disappointing” for encouraging scepticism in the classroom (“Abbott evokes Jesus to teach pupils all about ‘natural’ climate change”, 10/5). I fail to see anything irresponsible in his statements as reported. This is the truth as we know it.In 2007 the UN’s climate change panel advised governments to reduce carbon emissions to avoid dangerous global warming.Since then, scientists have challenged and discredited some of the UN’s findings. Our government should now respond by closing down the Climate Change Department and directing its funding into research and development to find the real facts. Terry Metcalfe, Deniliquin, NSW
Tony Abbott has once again been spouting unsubstantiated rubbish to push his agenda against climate change. Leading scientists say there is no evidence to suggest it was hotter 2000 years ago when Jesus walked the Earth. When is this man going to realise that as a politician he has to be able to substantiate the things he says? Iris Ashton, Kallangur, Qld

See:; Abbott evokes Jesus to teach pupils all about ‘natural’ climate change;