It’s uplifting to stand on ceremony

Noel Pearson; 20/3/10

Irrational, anti-Aboriginal thinking is the most troubling current in the Australian psyche, from colonisation to the present day. Aborigines are under no obligation to explain why it exists. One school of thought has been that anti-Aboriginal ideology emerged to justify dispossession, and people have made connections with the history of racialist thinking in other countries. But analysis of racism is ultimately futile.Anti-Aboriginal thinking is like anti-Semitism: a complex of irrational ideas that cannot be understood as a reaction informed by personal experience, facts or spurious information that is believed to be true.

Tim Soutphommasane – Ask the Philosopher
A nod to traditional owners; Is an acknowledgment of traditional ownership by public officials tokenistic political correctness or a genuine effort to achieve reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians?