Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu moves to placate furious US

Abraham Rabinovich; 15/3/10

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has summoned his inner cabinet to an unusual late-night meeting to order a probe after furious American reaction to the announcement of housing construction in East Jerusalem during US Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit. Mr Netanyahu’s move yesterday came after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out at the housing announcement, calling it “insulting” to Washington. “It was just really a very unfortunate and difficult moment for everyone – the United States, our Vice-President, who had gone to reassert our strong support for Israeli security – and I regret deeply that that occurred and made that known,” Mrs Clinton said. She “made it known” directly to Mr Netanyahu in a 45-minute telephone conversation in which the Prime Minister mostly remained quiet and listened to Mrs Clinton’s scathing criticism. At President Barack Obama’s direction, Mr Biden condemned the announcement. The Israeli ambassador in Washington was summoned to the State Department.

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