Is al-Qaeda Winning?

Marwan Bishara; 15/1/09; (2 Items)

What does it say about Washington’s ”war on terror” that dozen and a half people with paper cutters forced hundreds of thousands of Western troops into the battlefields of the “greater Middle East” region; “That 100,000 foreign soldiers are bogged down in occupied Afghanistan wondering how many dozens of al-Qaeda operatives have remained, if any; That the most liberal democracy enacted new controversial illiberal laws and unpatriotic practices under its “Patriot Act”; That one shoe-bomber has forced millions of people to take off their shoes every time they take a flight.”

See:; Terror: The facts US media ignore; Paul Craig Roberts; 15/1/10;; Are US presidents afraid of the CIA?; Ray McGovern; 15/1/10;

Pakistan drone attack ‘kills many’
A suspected US drone attack has killed at least 18 people and injured 14 others in Pakistan’s northwest tribal belt, near the Afghan border, security officials say. The attack took place in Pasalkot village in North Waziristan, a stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked fighters. Two missiles were fired at a compound on Thursday, where Hakimullah Mehsud, the Pakistani Taliban chief, was believed to have been. “We had information that he was around there. We’re checking on whether he was killed,” a Pakistani security official, who declined to be identified, told Reuters news agency. However, a Taliban spokesman told Pakistan’s Dawn TV that Mehsud was safe and had left minutes before the assault.