Iraqi refugees sent back to Britain


Twenty-nine Iraqi asylum-seekers who were sent from Britain back to Baghdad on Thursday have been returned to the UK. Britain’s border agency told Al Jazeera that out of 39 refugees who were on the aircraft, 10 had got off in the Iraqi capital, but the rest had been flown back after no provision had been made to transport them from Baghdad to Basra. The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (Ifir) had raised concerns over the welfare of the asylum-seekers once they arrived in Iraq, which has seen a continuation of deadly suicide bombings in recent months. The group said people on the original flight had been told it was going to Baghdad, making it the first deportation flight into south or central Iraq from the UK. Previously, Iraqi deportees from Britain have been flown into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, which has not seen the level of violence experienced in other parts of the country.