Iraq Christians mark Christmas under threat


Iraq’s dwindling Christian population has little to celebrate this Christmas, after a spate of attacks against their community. In the main northern city of Mosul, where the Christian minority has long been concentrated, churches have been bombed, Christians gunned down and the community is fearful. The latest victim was a Christian minibus driver who was killed on Thursday (local time) in east Mosul by unknown gunmen, police said. It was the seventh attack targeting Christians in the city in the past month. “This was all a dream we used to live in for many years, and then the nightmare came back and a black cloud came over us,” Jamil Butrus, a 59-year-old Christian lawyer, said. “Our joy and parties turned to hell – killing, threats and explosions. “You do not know what the aim of it is or who is doing it.” “Only God knows what happened to this city.”

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