High dudgeon over hijabs


Congratulations to Jack Taylor and the Blacktown soccer association for ignoring FIFA’s ridiculous ban on girls wearing the hijab while playing football (”Girls in the hood cry foul over hijab ban”, April 7). FIFA should be encouraging girls to take up the world game. Apart from the religious significance, there is hardly any difference between a player wearing a hijab and a goalkeeper wearing a cap to keep out the sun. Jeremy Spinks, Baulkham Hills

If FIFA was serious about religious symbols being eliminated from football, it would ban all players who make the sign of the cross after scoring a goal. Gillian Carr, East Hills
It’s OK to discriminate against the practice of totalitarian ideologies. Unlike a nun’s habit, a Sikh’s turban or a Jewish yarmulka, a hijab is not a sign of a covenant before God.

Rather, it signifies that I, as a man, am an unrestrained beast who would act upon my primal urges should I look upon the uncovered female form – so it must be the female who covers up. That the hijab is forced upon young girls in our society is a disgrace. They have no choice in the matter, especially those hailing from insular, clannish cultures. Sadly, in the name of multiculturalism they can expect no relief, just the opposite; Peter Ness,  Bardwell Valley

Girls in the hood cry foul over hijab ban; Richard Olding; 7/4/10; http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/football/girls-in-the-hood-cry-foul-over-hijab-ban-20100406-rpj0.html