Hardline faction peddles fear and punitive policies for asylum seekers

Zhi Yan; 15/10/09; (2 Items)

Fear tactics reminiscent of the Howard and Ruddock years are emerging in the debate on asylum seekers. A hardline faction within the shadow cabinet is pushing the line that Australia is being ”swamped” by asylum seekers as a result of the Government’s reforms to asylum policy. According to this faction, the Government has ”gone soft” on asylum seekers by getting rid of detention debts and temporary protection visas and by seeking to introduce a formal system of complementary protection and a fairer system of community-based support. They favour punitive policies for asylum seekers, despite the lack of evidence that they deter them from coming to Australia and that seeking asylum is not a crime.

See: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/hardline-faction-peddles-fear-and-punitive-policies-for-asylum-seekers-20091015-gz2l.html

They’ve been on a sticky wicket, so have a heart
Alas, just when we thought the racists were back in the bottle. Over the past 18 months, there has been a serious deterioration of security and safety in Afghanistan, and a residual effect from the last months of the Sri Lankan civil war. If the Liberals don’t think this would make a difference then I suggest they don’t think at all. Jock Webb,  Narromine
See: http://www.smh.com.au/national/letters/theyve-been-on-a-sticky-wicket-so-have-a-heart-20091015-gz2o.html