Haia accused of beating youth


Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) in Jeddah’s Al-Rawabi district have been accused of beating a youth and then filing a false police case against his parents that led to them being detained in prison for several days. The commission members are accused of attacking 21-year-old university student Rami Al-Hakami two weeks ago. “I was on my way to pick my sisters up from school when a commission car stopped next to my car. One of the men hit me from behind and then four commission members dragged me to their car. A man beat me up inside the car until I passed out,” said Al-Hakami. “The commission member then took my cell phone and my belongings and forced me to sign a paper; I had no idea what was written on it. It was at that time that my dad called me to ask why I was taking so long coming home. The commission member answered the phone and told my dad that I had been arrested because I was harassing school girls,” he added.

See: http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article23593.ece