Garbage children: An ugly phenomenon on the rise

Suleiman Al-Diyabi; 4/2/10

It is not uncommon to see children searching garbage bins for plastic and metal cans, which they collect for organized gangs looking for materials to sell. A citizen, who chose to remain anonymous, said one day he was coming home just before Asr prayer when he saw two kids aged around eight or nine racing toward a garbage bin. “I was surprised when I saw them jumping in. I went there to see what was happening and I found them searching intensely through the garbage,” he said. “I asked them what they were doing and they told me that they were collecting metal and plastic cans and putting them in plastic bags. I found out later on that some foreigners in a truck would arrive and take the bags from them. “This is the work of organized gangs who are exploiting children and giving our society a bad image,” he said.