Female teachers demand equal pay, status

Walaa Hawari; 9/11/09

Female teachers have demanded the same pay and status as their male counterparts, and are to file a court case against the Ministry of Education to enforce their demand. Mona Abdul Aziz, spokeswoman for the campaign, said that teachers — both male and female — have been demanding these rights for two years as part of a campaign group established to champion the rights of teachers, regardless of gender. She added that as a result of the initial campaign, the condition of male teachers improved but not of female teachers, and so they decided to form a separate group to attain similar conditions. The difference is attributed to the fact that female teachers come under the General Presidency of Girls Schools. Abdul Aziz added that the demands for equality had upset male teachers who tried to silence the voice of female teachers, demanding they put a halt to their campaign.

See: http://www.arabnews.com/?page=1&section=0&article=129274&d=9&m=12&y=2009