Employer of injured domestic helper sues her for ‘sexual abuse, theft ‘ – lawyer

Hani Hazaimeh; 13/1/10

Ishara Hemanthi, a Sri Lankan domestic helper who was admitted to a hospital for injuries allegedly inflicted by her employer, was bailed out on Monday after spending 12 days in prison, according to the Sri Lankan embassy. Hemanthi was detained at the Jweideh Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre after the employer filed a lawsuit accusing her of sexually abusing their seven-year-old daughter, according to the embassy’s lawyer Motasem Yassin. He added that Hemanthi’s employer also lodged another complaint with the authorities, accusing her of stealing JD1,000, a diamond ring and two gold rings… “The interrogation was conducted without a translator, although the prosecutor knew that the defendant could not speak or understand Arabic, and without the presence of any representatives from the embassy,” Yassin said, adding that the prosecutor ordered that Hemanthi be detained for 14 days. Despite the fact that the domestic helper filed a complaint against her employer with the authorities, her lawyer said the employer was never arrested or questioned by the police… Hemanthi, who arrived in Jordan in November 2008, ended up in the emergency room with severe bruising and swelling all over her body after she made it to her country’s embassy in search of help.She told The Jordan Times last month that she endured daily beatings.

See: http://www.jordantimes.com/?news=23087