Electrician guilty of human trafficking

Bassam Za’za’; 23/6/09

An electrician faces five years in jail for buying and selling two women, who he also forced to work as prostitutes, a court ruled on Monday. The Dubai Court of First Instance found the 34-year-old Bangladeshi electrician guilty of buying the Ethiopian women from an Asian suspect, forcing them into the sex industry then selling them to a police informant for Dh5,000. Records said the accused was arrested during a sting operation. Announcing yesterday’s verdict, Presiding Judge Mohammad Majid Mohammad also acquitted the girls, 21-year-old A.A. and 26-year-old H.E., of working in the sex industry. They were considered to be victims of human trafficking.

See: http://www.gulfnews.com/nation/Police_and_The_Courts/10325253.html