‘Displaced Iraqis face challenge with return home’


\Thousands of displaced Iraqis are facing nearly as much of a challenge returning to their homes as they did after they fled fighting, an international migration agency said on Tuesday. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) surveyed about 4,000 families who returned home and found that they were having trouble securing food, water and energy supplies while jobs were hard to come by and security fears remained, AFP reported from Geneva. Thirty-four per cent said their homes had been destroyed, while others found their homes had been taken over by someone else. “Our report shows that going home is almost as difficult as being displaced,” said IOM spokeswoman Jemini Pandya. Some 58,000 returnee families – 348,660 people – have been recorded by the IOM in Iraq, nearly 60 per cent of them in Baghdad, while 230,000 families were still displaced. Thirty-four per cent of returnees surveyed were unable to find jobs that would give them a livelihood, and the challenge was even more acute for the 12 per cent of female-headed households among the returnees, according to the agency.

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