Court grants blood money to dead maid’s kin

M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan; 16/6/09

A Saudi court has authorized the payment of SR200,000 in blood money to the family of Suryati Bint Dulbari Nurisman, an Indonesian maid in her 20s the authorities say was tortured and beaten to death by a Saudi housewife. “This is a case of brutal murder because Dulbari’s sponsor and his wife have been periodically beating her,” said Wishnu Krisnamurthi, a spokesman of the Indonesian Embassy. Krisnamurthi said he appreciated the role of Saudi officials in Al-Ahsa, Eastern Province, where the housemaid used to work for the family of a Saudi national. (The names of the Saudi and his wife are being withheld as per Arab News policy.)


Police free woman locked up by husband for three years
Police rescued a woman from false imprisonment who they say has been locked by her husband in an abandoned house for three years, the daily Al-Watan reported yesterday. The woman was found with an eight-month-old child. Police were tipped off by a passerby who heard the woman screaming for help inside the house. The woman was identified only as a foreign legal resident. She reportedly told her rescuers that she has been married under a no-obligation marriage (misyar) to the son of her sponsor.Jeddah police told the daily the man was arrested. The name of the culprit was not disclosed.