Bombers target two Pakistani cities

13/6/09; (2 Items)

The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for two suicide bomb attacks in two different cities that have killed at least eight people, including a pro-government religious leader. A spokesman for Hakimullah Mehsud, a local tribal Taliban chief, said that the Taliban carried out the attack inside the offices of the Jamia Naeemia religious school and mosque in Lahore, soon after Friday prayers. The second attack, which took place a few minutes later, was a car bombing in the city of Nowshera in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Mehsud said that more attacks would be carried out if security forces did not stop their offensive against the Taliban.

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US ‘to review’ Afghanistan tactics
The newly appointed commander of US forces in Afghanistan is to review military tactics in the region in response to widespread anger about the high number of civilian casualties. General Stanley McChrystal says his focus will be on balancing the “short-term tactical impact” of operations with the “long-term strategic effect”. In comments to a UK television channel on Friday, he said protecting the population was central to getting the balance right. The high level of deaths from US air raids and other attacks on suspected Taliban hideouts has become an extremely sensitive issue, with Afghanistan’s leaders and the local population openly critical of US forces.