Blair lacked basis for war

4/2/10 ; theaustralian/comments/blair_lacked_basis_for_war

As an expatriate Briton in Australia, I would like to comment on your editorial defending Tony Blair following his evidence to the Chilcot inquiry (“Blair has no case to answer”, 1/2). In the first place, the legality of the war on Iraq was, to say the least, dubious. Moreover, Blair specifically informed the House of Commons, and thus the British public, that the action was being undertaken on grounds relating to Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, namely Saddam Hussein’s failure to comply with the UN’s directives to dismantle the WMDs, and the perceived threat to Europe and the Middle East that they posed. When the supposed WMDs proved to be a mirage, Blair (and George W. Bush) switched ground to the “removal of a tyrant” argument.