A whale of a time


Bravo. Except that now the Japanese have made what appears to be a citizen’s arrest of him. I can imagine the Japanese captain sitting in his captain’s chair, stroking a cat, while feeding it minced whale liver, and saying in his best Bond villain voice, “So Mr Bethune, the tables it seems have been turned”. This may not be true; Bethune might simply be waiting while the Japanese crew have a whip round for the $3,370,000. Predictably Bethune’s cohorts are now whining to all and sundry that the Japanese are holding him against his will and that the New Zealand government is not doing enough to help. Perhaps John Key should send the activists an email with the definition of “irony” attached?
See: http://interceder.net/news/Sea-Shepherd; http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/pacbeat/stories/201002/s2823060.htm